Below you will find the suppliers for each category of whom we have chosen to work with and are proud to have won our members ongoing discounts.

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Cleaning & Laundry Equipment, Services

Care Shop

Care Shop is a leading supplier of Cleaning & Laundry Systems and Consumables to the UK Care Home market.


Housekeeping Chemicals are one of the largest area of spend in all Care Homes.


Care Shop offer system solutions from;

  • Cleanline
  • Diversey
  • P&G Professional
  • Jeyes Professional
  • Ecolab

FREE no obligation site survey & Demonstration

Installation & Auto-dosing Equipment FREE (Subject to key care agreement)


Care Shop promise to;

  • Offer EXPERT ADVICE to help you run a better home
  • Provide ONE STOP SHOP access to the UK's BIGGEST RANGE
  • Provide DELIVERY when you need it NATIONWIDE

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Berendsen (Sunlight)

Our family of brands includes Berendsen, Sunlight and Spring Grove – each of which has more than 100 years of experience in the textile and service industry.

From 5th July Sunlight will start the transition of changing their name to their parent company - Berendsen.  There will be no change of personnel, laundry or services, just a change of name on their vehicles, letterheads and staff uniforms.


We provide service solutions to lease, source, clean and maintain the textiles. We take pride in servicing our customers to keep their operations running smoothly and successfully. By leveraging our buying power, our logistics system and vast experience of the industry, we are able to provide dynamic and cost effective services.


UK's largest textile rental and laundering service.

Workwear specialists, dust mat control, washroom services.  

Health care Providers to NHS Trusts & private healthcare services; linen, sterile and theatre care.

Bed & table linen also supplied to the hospitality industry.


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Fowler UK

Fowler UK have been trading as a company in the supply and installation of Laundry and Catering Equipment since 1966 – providing our customers with outstanding services.


Washing Machines - Test results show the new Lavamac AF Washers can demonstrate up to 15% lower water consumption, 20% lower energy consumption and 25% lower residual moisture than previous washer models with extremely LOW energy consumption.


By balancing airflow and heat input, Lavamac commercial tumble dryers deliver fast drying without wasting energy. Lavamac HEAT PUMP dryers also now available.


Nationwide coverage for Service, Repair or Maintenance on all manufacturers of commercial equipment.


Finance options from outright purchase, leasing or rental to suit every pocket.


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