Your questions answered

What is your Membership fee?


There are no costs to you - our membership is totally free.


What will I gain by becoming a Member?


We regularly check prices of our key suppliers against other suppliers to ensure that you as a member continue to get highly competitive pricing.


You are alerted of special offers that we receive from suppliers as soon as we receive news of them.


Peace of mind!  We will save you time and money by negotiating the best price from suppliers without compromising on quality.


What are the benefits of becoming a Supplier?


Our suppliers will gain access to a notable body of buyers from our growing membership mutually benefitting all parties.


Am I committed to solely using Spectrum suppliers?


No, you have the choice to use as many as you wish, with no restrictions.

You are in complete control over which of our suppliers you choose to buy from at our negotiated contract pricing or special discounts that are available (subject to any contracts you enter into with suppliers).


How do you select your Suppliers?


Our selected suppliers are all of National standing, with Key Account Managers – demonstrating how seriously they view the acquisition and retention of new customers.  Our experience with our suppliers over the years further bolsters our process of quality assurance/due diligence.


Who manages my account?


You do.  All new accounts must be opened by the member and invoicing will be directly to you.  If you are currently using a particular supplier and are a new member we can provide an invoice comparison to confirm you will be receiving the best price leading to a seamless transfer to Spectrum terms.


What information will I receive?


We keep in touch with you via email and post.  When introducing a new supplier you will receive information from them detailing their products and there will always be an accompanying letter from us to endorse this agreement.


All members receive our quarterly newsletter updating you on recent supplier, special promotions and forthcoming seminars.


Spectrum’s nominated suppliers are encouraged to advertise and promote their products in this newsletter.


If you are a new supplier and wish to be considered as a provider to our members please contact us at Head office.